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LFK Law Legal Recruitment - Toronto, ON

LFK Law International is recruiting  well-respected international and domestic lawyers  (associate lawyer) to join their Toronto downtown office.  LFK Law, is seeking a lawyer with 2+ years of post-call experience gained at a very reputable law firm. Strong law school transcripts will be considered an asset. The successful candidate will have experience in one or more of the following areas of law:- Commercial and Business litigation and criminal cases;
- Labour and Employment disputes;
- Criminal Law and False allegations;
- Divorce and Child Support matters;
- Insurance or Estate/Trust litigation; and/or
- General civil litigation services.Once you have successfully joined this law firm’s team, you can expect to work on top litigation files, and receive the career experience associated with working at LFK Law firm. Located in Toronto’s downtown core or Los Angeles California, this firm offers opportunities for advancement and great mentorship from LFK Law USA and Canada, all in a collegial atmosphere. Further, this firm offers very competitive compensation. If you are interested in this position, email your CV to

Internship at LFK Law

Email us your resume  and we'll connect with you with more info based on what you're looking for. To ensure you're a good candidate, we'll set up an interview with our Admissions Team to talk out your background and goals.


Next, interview with a member of our Admissions Team. We will l want to make sure you have the right background for interning with LFK Law. We'll lend our expertise, work on your professional documents, and point you in the right direction should you not a good fit for our firm. LFK Law is also a recruitment Law Firm working with other Law Firms in America, Canada and Europe.


Minimum 3 years' experience in a paralegal capacity; College diploma from a paralegal or law clerk program; If you are a hard working, self-motivated, quality...

Email your resume:, on the subject line write the word PARALEGAL.

NON Legal Jobs

LFK Law is also hiring office managers and personal assistant position.

$20-$25 Canadian Dollar per hour plus benefit. 

Contract & Consulting

Are you self employed but looking to team up with and law firm? LFK Law is the right place to bring your expertise and knowledge to help our growing clients. This is not an associate position but a consulting and contract position. We will not offer any benefit or bonuses.

Work Permit and Sponsorship

You are qualified but not a resident or citizen in USA or Canada and will love to work for LFK Law Associates. We are here to help, our immigration lawyers will help with your work permit. After sponsorship we will ask you to sign a two year work commitment with LFK Law. Should you not want any commitment with LFK Law, we will ask that your work permit processing fees be paid by yourself. 

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